Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do you work with a second shooter? If so, who is your second shooter? 

Most of my packages include a second shooter. I always recommend that my brides have a second shooter, especially if they have a lot of details that they want captured. My second shooter is always another experienced wedding photographer, who works really well with me and knows how to have a great time while doing their job! 

How many images will I receive and when will I get them? 

Every wedding is different, so the amount varies. However, I always promise at least 300 images. The amount may be higher if you have a lot of decor, a large bridal party, lots of family portraits, etc. My contract says delivery is in 6 weeks, but I try to have photos delivered sooner. 

We want to take photos in a certain place on our wedding day, and are unsure if we need a permit to shoot there. How can we get a permit and how much does it cost?

While I would love to be able to immediately answer this question, I'm not always entirely sure. Depending on where you want to take photos (such as most national parks) a permit may be required. If a permit is required, the client is to obtain a permit, not the photographer. If you're unsure about a location, just ask me and we'll figure it out together! Finding out if you need a permit is extremely important because if we're shooting somewhere where one is required and we don't have one, we will be asked to leave. 

Do we get a print release of our images?

Yes! All of my photos come with a print release and you can print wherever you want. 

What should I wear for my engagement/portrait session? 

I always tell clients to wear whatever makes them feel most comfortable and colors that they look best in! Flowy dresses or skirts always look amazing when caught by the wind. I also always suggest that you and your significant other don't match, but do coordinate. If you are wearing a pattern, have your significant other wear a solid color. 

Can we provide you with a "shot list" of must have photos? 

Yes! I will send you a questionnaire about a month before the wedding so you can provide me with the group shots and other detail shots you want. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out! I would love to answer them!