Garden of the Gods Couple Session | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

Whew! What a summer! So excited to really be back to doing what I love. Spending the last 2 months in Colorado was absolutely beyond magical and I fully believe that it's the most beautiful place in the world. 

ANYYYWAYS! Enough about my love for CO, if you follow me on social media at all you probably already knew all of this. ;) I knew before I left that I needed to do an engagement session at Garden of the Gods. It was about 15 minutes from my house, and every time that I went I was so overwhelmed with its' uniqueness and beauty. That's where Christie and Brandon came in. 

Christie had posted on a photographer Facebook group that she would be in town for a wedding and wanted to set up some photoshoots. I saw her post and reached out immediately. Sometimes reaching out through social media (esp. Facebook!) can be a little intimidating, but MAN! These two are the BEST. We had the absolute best time exploring Garden of the Gods, hanging out and getting to know each other. These two are so fun, so genuine, and their love for each other is so stinking sweet and real. 

It was so hard for me to choose photos to even edit from this session, because I'm truly obsessed with all of them. BUT, check out some of my favorites below! 

Christie and Brandon-2.jpg
Christie and Brandon-3.jpg
Christie and Brandon-6.jpg
Christie and Brandon2.jpg
Christie and Brandon3.jpg
Christie and Brandonphotoshop5.jpg
Christie and Brandon-15.jpg
Christie and Brandon-19.jpg
Christie and Brandon-20.jpg
Christie and Brandon-21.jpg
Christie and Brandon-24.jpg
Christie and Brandon-25.jpg
Christie and Brandon-32.jpg
Christie and Brandon-30.jpg
Christie and Brandon-33.jpg
Christie and Brandon-36.jpg
Christie and Brandon-37.jpg
Christie and Brandon-41.jpg
Christie and Brandon-39.jpg
Christie and Brandon-45.jpg
Christie and Brandon-46.jpg
Christie and Brandon-48.jpg
Christie and Brandon-50.jpg
Christie and Brandon-51.jpg
Christie and Brandon-57.jpg
Christie and Brandon-58.jpg
Christie and Brandon-62.jpg
Christie and Brandon-69.jpg
Christie and Brandon-73.jpg
Christie and Brandon-78.jpg

Super thankful that these two let me explore my creative and moody side ;). 

Christie and Brandon-82.jpg
Christie and Brandon-83.jpg

Wow. If you can't tell, I love almost all of these images so much! If you got through all these photos, you're a total rockstar!!